Pest Advice

Raspberry Beetles

We have had enquires about Raspberry Beetle - we have found out that this little fellow lives just below the soil surface, marching up the stems once the fruit is setting to lay eggs on the lovely new raspberries - 

One control method is to hoe in early spring at the base of the canes - doing this exposes the beetle and the birds pop by to eat them.

If it has become a little late for that and you see them marching up the canes spray with a bug killer that contains  pyrethrins.

Do not spray when the plants are in flower as this will harm our pollinators. The best time is once the tiny fruit have set and are a lightish pink. Then again in two weeks time.

It's the summer fruiting canes that can suffer the most with ones that fruit after August less likely to be munched. I remember being told that the grubs were extra protein and not to worry too much!