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Yet another new delivery - fantastic Berberis & Pittosporum as well as lots of vegetable plants and things in the shop.

 We have had a huge delivery of hanging baskets and liners, plant supports for the herbaceous border and the ever needed water can.

We have a great new range of glazed pots - and wall pots too!

There is a new compost delivery with farm yard manure - we know a firm favorite!

We have a sign up list on the go - for our weekend workshops, if you want to come and have fun growing and enjoying the outside add your name and we will email to invite you to a get together to plan the year.

We also have a questionnaire in the shop that we would love you to fill in if you visit us - not too taxing. We are interested in how you found us, and what you like to buy here.

We are nestled between the Hertford Union Canal and Victoria Park.

It provides a welcome relief from the hustle & bustle of inner city life. Come in and enjoy this Oasis.

We offer a wide range of interesting plants, changing from season to season, so we do not have a regular catalogue. Large structural plants, perennials, shrubs, herbs. We also stock  a wide range of garden sundries, tools & pots.

Growing Concerns is one of the few small, locally run garden centres in London's East End. We are committed to our customers -  the staff here are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.